Meeting Minutes



Candlelight Manor Condo Assn.

Board Meeting (Closed Session)

August l7 2023

Present: Marilyn Dykstra, Chris Cook, Chad Korfel, Cindy Gately, Mike Golding, Robin Joyner,

Jenniffer Nordyke

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Minutes: Presented by Cindy Gately and approved as written

Treasurer Report: No ffeasurer report

Old Business: Debt Status

Chris stated we do not have an updated estimate from Tyler.

New Business:

Nominees needed for Board of Directors.

Tyler will trim bushes to make way for the sprinkler system.

Discussed possible new flooring in the basement.

Vacuum breakers leaking/will be repaired.

Letter from resident requesting a rule change to allow mowing on Sunday. Board voted to

amend the rule preventing mowing on Sunday. 5 yes votes and 2 no votes.

possible memorial l'or Dave? - lroirr,n

j (brt u* a, f

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Submitted by Cindy Gately